microfno400Vocal lessons and vocal coaching are available to all ages and ability levels.  I specialize in everything from rock-n-roll to opera.   Vocalist are prepared to perform at their highest level.  Students are taught a comprehensive music curriculum including:

  • Vocal Technique:  The mechanics of how to properly sing including, proper posture, breath support, vocal range and focused support.  .
  • Music Theory:  The ability to read and understand the elements of music such as dynamics, melody, harmony, pitch and rhythms.
  • Ear Training:  Learning how to hear musical relationships and structures within music.  This is excellent training for the budding composer.
  • Notation: Understanding and reading the musical symbols and being able to read the music.
  • Sight Singing: The ability to sing the music at sight, without practice.  This is particularly helpful for performance and the professional.
  • Composition:  The ability to apply what has been learned to write and create your own music.
  • Performance:   Learning the technique of applying all you have learned and being able to translate that creatively and confidently to an appreciative audience.   I also include teaching techniques for over coming performance anxiety.
  • Musical Expression:  To perform the music with musical sensitivity and expression.
  • Musical Theatre/Stage Presence:   This is particularly important for any vocalist ,whether or not the performer is interested in performing for a stage production such as musical theatre or opera.  This training give the singer the skills to artistically express the emotional content of the music.

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