IMG_1505Piano lessons are available to all ages and abilities.  Students are taught a comprehensive music curriculum including:

  • Playing Technique:  The mechanics of how to play piano such as proper posture, hand placement, wrist alignment, fingering and body flow.
  • Music Theory:  The ability to read and understand the elements of music such as dynamics, melody, harmony, pitch and rhythms.
  • Ear Training:  Learning how to hear musical relationships and structures within music.  This is excellent training for the budding composer.
  • Notation: Understanding and reading the musical symbols and being able to play it on the piano.
  • Sight Reading: The ability to read music at sight, without practice.  This is particularly helpful for performance and the professional.
  • Composition:  The ability to apply what has been learned to write and create your own music.
  • Performance:   Learning the technique of applying all you have learned and being able to translate that creatively and confidently to an appreciative audience.   I also include teaching techniques for over coming performance anxiety.
  • Personalized Lesson:  Each lessons is designed to work with the students desires and goals as a musician.
  • Musical Genres:  I teach every style of music including jazz, classical and pop.
  • Musical Expression:  To perform the music with musical sensitivity and expression.

It is recommended that young students ages 6-9 take 30 minutes lessons due to their attention span. I have found that young children can absorb a great deal of musical information in a 30 minute period.    I recommend 60 minute lessons to older children and adults.   However, the choice of lesson length ultimately is determined by the desire of each individual.


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