Our time for music

In theses days of the constant barrage of work, obligations and the sensory overload from news and social media it seems there is never time to just sit down and experience music for it’s own sake.  No work. No distractions.  No social media.  Just music, in it’s purest form.     When was the last time you spent an hour just listening to your favorite music or just playing a piece of music you love?

Like most of us, I lead an extremely busy life.   There always seems to be something that I have to be doing or was suppose to be done yesterday so I put it as my priority for today, because what has to be done today can wait until tomorrow.      Day in and day out I live this and see it manifest in my friends lives. Those precious moments of solitude that I can squeeze into my day are few and far between.     If I have the luxury of playing my piano it is usually for an upcoming event that I am doing for someone else.

Sometimes we just need to stop.  Just stop and put everything aside and give ourselves the time to make music our one and only focus.  Music for it’s own sake.  No upcoming performance to practice for.  No rehearsal to go to. Just to listen.  Just to play.

Our time for music.


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