Over and over I have heard that music helps students learn in other areas of academia. Though that is true and I could site numerous studies that prove it, that is NOT why I teach music. The argument is valid, but should that be the reason we play or teach music? I for one don’t teach music so that Jimmy can pass a math test. I teach it so Jimmy can be a whole person full of creativity and passion. So Jimmy can express his inner most feelings and ideals in a creative and expressive way.

All that being said, music DOES promote a full brain workout. Not only does listening to music engage the brain in multiple ways, but PLAYING music creates a symphony (pun intended) of activity within the brain including visual, auditory and fine motor skills. It increases the activity in the bridge between the two hemispheres of the brain allowing nerve signals to move faster between the hemispheres. Consequently allowing musician to solve problems more creatively. Because playing an instrument requires complex skills, musicians can analyze situations more critically and memorize information efficiently. Between the cognitive workout music give the musician to becoming the creative artist is why I teach music.


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